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Cluster Seizures Awareness Day

Seizure clusters are seizures that happen one after the other over a short period of time. There is a recovery period between each seizure and a pattern that is different from the usual seizure pattern. Anyone who has epilepsy can have seizure clusters—at any age, at any time—even when taking antiepileptic medicine as directed.

Upsher-Smith Laboratories are actively bringing Hananja's nasal spray through clinical phase III trials allowing family members, coworkers and friends to terminate the seizures with "one puff" into the nose.

Upsher-Smith Laboratories have just released a Seizure Cluster Awareness page on Facebook, to keep the community updated on new developments and relevant information.



Manufacturing Authorisation

In January 2014, Hananja received manufacturing authorisation from the Icelandic Medicines Agency, allowing the company to manufacture and distribute aspirin and placebo tablets for the preeclampsia clinical trial (ASPRE) in pregnant women. The trials will be carried out in various hospitals around Europe, such as King's College Hospital in London. The trial are planned to start in April 2014.


European Pre-Eclampsia Project gets FUNDED

Thursday, February 7th 2013 the Project "ASPRE" submitted to the European Union for funding through the 7th R&D framework was approved for funding with allowed budget of 5.89 million Euro.

Lead by Prof. Nicolaides from Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK the project title is: "Combined Multi-Marker Screening and Randomised Patient Treatment with Aspirin for Evidence-Based Pre-eclampsia Prevention" . It involves following groups and companies: Hylabs (Israel), Wallac (Finland), Astraia (Germany) and Hananja (Iceland).


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