Cluster seizures

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A patient who experiences one day of seizures per year may be considered fairly well controlled, but if the seizures occur in a flurry or cluster, this episode may result in a yearly visit to an emergency room or even hospital admission. Epilepsy can be characterized as one of the chronic neurologic disorders with episodic manifestations. Seizure clusters are also known as repetitive or serial seizures. There is no definitive clinical definition for a cluster seizures, but it has been defined as "those having several convulsions within a day or two" or "multiple seizures occurring with a 24 period for adults or 12 hour period for children, with a pattern distinguishable from the usual seizure pattern".

This severe form of seizures is a neurological emergency that may result in brain damage or even death, if untreated. From onset of seizures and until the initiation of the treatment should be as short as possible. Today there are only two administration routes used:

IV delivery of benzodiazepines: A method used for institutionalized patients, where trained personnel is able to treat this condition. However, this does not work for family, friends or coworkers.
Rectal delivery of clysma is a method used to treat seizures in children, but not in adolescents or adults. Within family or in hospitalized patients, rectal delivery is possible. However, when outside e.g. in an airplain, at work or in a shopping mall, this method is not used.


Hananja’s Nasal Spray has entered phase III clinical trials:
Through collaboration with Ikano Therapeutics and now through Upsher-Smith Laboratories, who have brought the formulation through scale-up and into clinical phase III trials, a product is in sight for those suffering from seizures such as cluster seizures.  This delivery form will make it easy for family members, coworkers and friends to provide necessary treatment when an epileptic patient has a seizures attack.

Hananja signed an agreement with Ikano Therapeutics Inc. in 2007 where after the product was carried through preclinicals, phase I and phase II clinical trials. In January 2010 US-FDA approved the product for phase III clinical trials. From August 2010 Upsher-Smith Laboratories decided to continue the work and bring the product through phase III clinical trials and to market.

Emerging data were presented at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society, November 30th - December 4th, 2012 in San Diego, CA:


and at the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, March 16-23rd 2013 in San Diego, CA:

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