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Hananja is an Icelandic pharmaceutical R&D Company specializing in research and development of life saving and acute treatments. A special focus is on innovative nasal spray formulations. 


Hananja provides contract R&D services as well as consultancy to our partners for a wide variety of nasally delivered drug products and delivery systems. Our operations is capable of supporting any stage of product development, from conceptual to clinical.


The portfolio of activities undertaken by the company includes drug discovery, formulation as well as preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiling.


Hananja does also provided legal service for the Icelandic Court System, where patents, drugs and drug delivery is involved.


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Hananja plc

  • Address: Aflagrandi 7
  • City: 107 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Tel: (+354) 898-0318
  • Email: sg@hananja.com