European Pre-Eclampsia Project gets FUNDED

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Thursday, February 7th 2013 the Project "ASPRE" submitted to the European Union for funding through the 7th R&D framework was approved for funding with allowed budget of 5.89 million Euro.

Lead by Prof. Nicolaides from Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK the project title is: "Combined Multi-Marker Screening and Randomised Patient Treatment with Aspirin for Evidence-Based Pre-eclampsia Prevention" . It involves following groups and companies: Hylabs (Israel), Wallac (Finland), Astraia (Germany) and Hananja (Iceland).

We hope to begin by June 2013 and run for 3 Years. Many hopes for our research and for the benefit of pregnant women. During the  project we will enrole 31,000 pregnant women during weeks 11-13 to screen for the risk to develop pre-eclampsia and will randomized the top 10% of the higher risk to treatment with aspirin to prevent the disorder. The study also upgrade all tests to robotics systems, develop DNA/RNA based tests and risk assessment and intent to treat algorithms. Women will be treated from before 14 and until 35 weeks and will be followed until delivery.

The aim of this project is to be of great benefit for all pregnant women, reducing the fetal and maternal risk during their pregnancy.

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