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PatentResent Publications, Including Few Selected Articles and Review


Patents (or part of them) available for licensing:

  1. Gizurarson S. Method and compositions for the delivery of a therapeutic agent. US 8,217,033 (Issued July 10th 2012) pdf
  2. Gizurarson S, Meiri H. Preeclampsia. Filed: December 14th, 2010. Published: WO 2012/081040 (Int. Publication date: June 21st, 2012) pdf
  3. Gizurarson S, Arp J, Ghaderi R, Lusty ME, Plucinski GG, Yazdi M. Methods and compositions for the delivery of a therapeutic agent. Filed: January 19th, 2007. Published: WO 2008/089426 (July 24th, 2008).




  1. Huppertz B, Meiri H, Gizurarson S, Osol G, Sammar M. Placental protein 13 (PP13): a new biological target shifting individualized risk assessment to personalized drug design combating pre-eclampsia. Human Reproduction Update (in press) [Download]
  2. Gizurarson S, Huppertz B, Osol G, Skarphedinsson JO, Mandala M, Meiri H. Effects of PP13 (Placental Protein 13) on the cardiovascular system in gravid and non-gravid rodents. Fetal Diagn. Fetal Diagn. Ther (in press). [Download]


 Nasal Drug Delivery:

  1. S. Gizurarson: Anatomical and histological factors affecting intranasal drug and vaccine delivery. Curr. Drug Deliv. 9(6), 566-582, 2012. [Download].
  2. S. Gizurarson: The history of intranasal delivery and the nose. Pharmaceutical Historian 41 (4), 66-72, 2011
  3. Gizurarson S, Bechgaard E, Hjortkjær RK. Two intranasal administration techniques give two different pharmacokinetic results. Scand. J. Lab. Animal Sci. 33 (1) 35-38, 2006
  4. Gizurarson S, Ólafsdóttir S, Kristinsson JL, Hrafnkelsdóttir K, Ólafsson DR, Ingólfsson O, Ingimundardóttir ER. Absorption Enhancing Agent. WO-03070280 (published August 2003)
  5. Gizurarson S. A Bioadhesive Agent. WO-03070273 (published August 2003)
  6. Lindhardt K, Olafsson DR, Gizurarson S, Bechgaard E. Intranasal bioavailability of diazepam in sheep correlated to rabbit and man. Int. J. Pharm. 231 (1): 67-72, 2002
  7. Lindhardt K, Gizurarson S, Stefansson SB, Olafsson DR, Bechgaard E: Electroencephalographic effects and serum concentrations after intranasal and intravenous administration of diazepam to healthy volunteers. Br. J. Clin. Pharmacol. 52 (5): 521-527, 2001
  8. Lindhardt K, Ravn C, Gizurarson S and Bechgaard E. Intranasal absorption of buprenorphine – in vivo bioabailability study in sheep. Int. J. Pharm. 205, 159-163, 2000
  9. Gizurarson S: The relevance of nasal physiology to the design of drug absorption studies. Advanced Drug Deliv. Rev. 11, 329-347, 1993 (Invited contribution)
  10. Gizurarson S: In situ method to estimate local effect of nasal preparations. Scand. J. Lab. Anim. Sci. 19, 129-135, 1992
  11. Gizurarson S & Bechgaard E: Intranasal application of insulin to humans. Diab. Res. Clin. Pract. 12, 71-84, 1991
  12. Gizurarson S: Animal models for intranasal drug delivery studies. Acta Pharm. Nord. 2, 105-122, 1990


Public Health

  1. Lähde A, Gudmundsdottir SS, Joutsensaari J, Tapper U, Ruusunen J, Ihalainen M, Karhunen T, Torvela T, Jokiniemi J, Järvinen K, Gíslason SR, Briem H, Gizurarson S. In vitro evaluation of pulmonary deposition of airborne volcanic particles. Atmospheric Environment 70, 18-27, 2013. [Download]
  2. Gizurarson S. Björnsdóttir LR, Einarsdóttir R, Halldórsson M, Andersen K. Clinical Consequences Following Regulatory Changes in Respect to Reimbursement of Statins Cost by the Icelandic Social Insurance Administration. Scand. J. Public Helath 40(7), 663-667, 2012 . [Download]
  3. Almarsdottir AB, Karlsdottir AD, Gudmundsson A, Halldorsson M, Gizurarson S. Did the fall of the Icelandic banks affect psychotropic drug use in the population? Pharmacoepidem. Drug Safety 20, Suppl. 1, S87-S88, 2011


Brain delivery:

  1. Gizurarson S: Published referee on work carried out by: Born J, Lange T, Kern W, McGregor GP, Bickel U, Fehm HL; Sniffing neuropeptides a transnasal approach to the human brain. Nature Neuroscience 5: 514-516, 2002
  2. Olafsson DR & Gizurarson S. Access to the olfactory region. Proceedings Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials. 27: #6318, 2000
  3. Gizurarson S. A method for administration of active substances to the olfactory region. Patent (priority #): IS-97/4516 (1. July 1997, published January 2000)
  4. Sigurdsson P, Thorvaldsson T. and Gizurarson S. Olfactory absorption of insulin to the brain. Mechanisms of action. Drug Delivery 4, 195-200, 1997
  5. Gizurarson S, T. Thorvaldsson, P. Sigurdsson and E. Gunnarsson. Selective delivery of insulin into the brain. Intraolfactorial absorption. Int. J. Pharm. 147, 135-141, 1997
  6. Gizurarson S, T. Thorvaldsson, P. Sigurdsson and E. Gunnarsson. Selective delivery of insulin into the brain. Intraolfactorial absorption. Int. J. Pharm. 140, 77-83, 1996
  7. Gizurarson S, P. Sigurdsson, T. Thorvaldsson & E. Gunnarsson. Technique for administering drugs to the brain and bypassing the blood-brain-barrier. Scand. J. Lab. Anim. Sci. 22, 273-276, 1995



  1. Gissurarson LR, Karlsson GM, Gizurarson S, Hrafnkelsdottir K, Sigurdardottir K, Ofeigsson BG. Improving unbiased left/right training of rats and use of physostigmine to counteract scopolamine-induced short-term memoryScand. J. Lab. Animal Sci. 31 (2): 101-112, 2004


 Vaccinology & Immunology:

  1. Hrafnkelsdottir K, Valgeirsson J, Bjarnadottir S, Ólafsdottir S, Ólafsdottir K, Héðinsdóttir ST, Magnusdottir EV, Gizurarson S. Immunization prevents DDT build-up in mouse tissues. Int. Immunopharm. 7, 1179-1184, 2007
  2. Freysdottir J, Hardardottir I, Gizurarson S, Vikingsson A. Mucosal tolerance to KLH reduces BSA-induced arthritis in rats – an indication of bystander suppression. J. Clin. Immunol. 27 (3) 284-293, 2007
  3. Freysdottir J, Hardardottir I, Gizurarson S, Vikingsson A. Mucosal tolerance to KLH reduces BSA-induced arthritis in rats – an indication of bystander suppression. Scand J Rheum 35 (suppl 121), 22, 2006.
  4. Freysdottir J, Bogason ET, Gizurarson S, Vikingsson A. Influence of passive cigarette smoke on joint swelling and on mucosal tolerance induction. Scand J Rheum 35 (suppl 121), 44-45, 2006.
  5. Freysdottir J, Hardardottir I, Gizurarson S, Vikingsson A Mucosal tolerance to KLH reduces BSA-induced arthritis in rats? an indication of bystander suppression. Immunology 116 (Suppl. 1): 45, 2005
  6. Hrafnkelsdottir K, Valgeirsson J, Gizurarson S. Induction of protective and specific antibodies against cocaine by intranasal immunisation using a glyceride adjuvant. Biol. Pharm. Bull. 28 (6): 1038-1042, 2005
  7. Mayo SL, Tufvesson M, Carlsson HE, Royo F, Gizurarson S, Hau J. RhinoVax ® is an efficient adjuvant in oral immunisation of young chickens and cholera toxin B is an effective oral primer in subcutaneous immunisation with Freund's incomplete adjuvant. In Vivo 19 (2): 375-382, 2005
  8. Gizurarson S, Ólafsdóttir S. An Immunological Adjuvant. WO-03070272 (published August 2003)
  9. Gizurarson S, Hau J. A Method of Producing Antibodies Ex-Vivo. WO-03016350 (published February 2003)
  10. Horvath A, Andersen I, Junker K, Fogh-Schultz BL, Nielsen EH, Gizurarson S, Andersen O, Karman J, Rajjavolgyi E, Erdei A, Svehag SE: Serum amyloid P component inhibits influenza A virus infections: in vitro and in vivo studies. Antiviral Res. 52 (1): 43-53, 2001
  11. S. Gizurarson & V. Guðmundsdóttir. A vaccine delivery system. Patent (priority #): IS-97/4518 (8. July 1997, published January 2000)
  12. S. Gizurarson: Clinically relevant vaccine-vaccine interactions: a guide for practitioners. BioDrugs 9, 443-453, 1998 (Invited contribution)
  13. S. Gizurarson: Optimal delivery of vaccines. Clinical pharmacokinetical considerations. Clin. Pharmacokin. 30, 1-16, 1996 (Invited contribution)


 Laboratory Safety:

  1. Handbook of Laboratory Safety [In Icelandic]. 184 pages. Háskólaútgáfan, Reykjavik 2010 [Download (some of the chapters)]


 Reproductive Health:

  1. Yokusaka M, Takagi S, Katou M, Pudcharaporn K, Gizurarson S, Ichikawa M, SaitoTR. p-chloroamphetamine-induced rat ejaculation is not associated with the preoptic nucleus or medial nucleus amygdale. Reprod. Med. Biol. 7, 37-43, 2008.


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